Pet friendly (yet stylish) home decorating

Pet-Friendly (Yet Stylish) Home Decorating

When you reach that moment when you finally realize that you want to become a fur parent, it can change everything about your life – especially your home décor. When you own a pet, thinking twice about what you should place in your home becomes as natural as anything. But just because your furry loved ones rule the roost, doesn’t mean your style and décor have to suffer. If you’ve got a pet-friendly Ottawa townhome to decorate, here are some perfect and stylish ways to find that perfect balance.

Resilient Fabrics and Furniture

The most essential part of adding in any new piece of décor or furniture to your home is that it must be resilient and durable against any messes. That means when those dirty paw prints leap before they’re cleaned, you can easily wipe away those smudges without having to rent out the wet vac.

Throws and Blankets

Of course, sometimes, after enough wear and tear (and paw prints) over time, certain areas on your sofa or chair may become overtly discoloured or stained. And no matter how hard your try to remove them, they just won’t seem to lift. That’s where throws and blankets come in to save the day (and your budget). Instead of stressing over buying yet another new couch, use some stylish throws to cover up those unsightly spots. It adds that perfect, chic, bohemian twist to your décor.

Patterned Rugs

Rugs seem to inevitably become a target zone, no matter how hard you try to train your pets. And between the paw prints and the shedding hair, sometimes it can seem like a pointless endeavour to even bother owning one. But all you have to do is be strategic about what type you select. Look for a rug that is patterned and can camouflage, not only potential marks, but the colour of your pet’s fur as well.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to resist, it seems impossible to say no to those pleading eyes. So naturally, your bed becomes their bed too. In this case, using a duvet cover can help to alleviate any worry for messing up your bed and keeping it clean. All you have to do it slip off the cover and toss it in the wash when you need to.

Just because your pet has become the love of your life, doesn’t mean your home décor has to suffer. All it requires is a few strategic additions and you can have your townhome pet-friendly and stylish all at the same time.

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