holiday decorating tips for Ottawa townhome

Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Ottawa Townhome

Finally, all of that pent up creative energy gets to be fully embraced this time of the year. If you’re looking for some creative ways to spice up your Ottawa townhome for the holidays, try out a few of these crafty ideas!

Birch Tree Lights

Birch tree branches are one of our favourite pieces for bringing in the wintery feel. But you can take your décor up a notch by getting your birch branches and wrapping your favourite twinkly lights around them. Place them on the mantel or next to the fireplace for that extra glow.

Table Décor

Looking to add a unique flare to your table trimmings? Well, ditch the fancy table setting and go for this colourful, creative, and modern look. Get a poster board or even a canvas from your local arts and craft store. Make sure it fits the length of your table and is narrow enough to fit along the center of the table, similar to a runner.

Then place some pins along the side of the board and start weaving come colourful red string around each pin. This will create the perfect, unique centerpiece that’s perfect for adding that splash of colour to the dinner table.

Dreamy Gift Bows

You know those silvery and white gift bows you stick on the gifts? Well, grab an extra bag or two of them at the store. You can create a perfect, dreamy window display by simply attaching them to string and dangling them in front of your windows. And when those twinkling lights reflect off of them, it will create your very own magical display.

Display your Cards

With all of those Season’s Greetings cards you receive through the mail over the holidays, you need someone to display them. If you’re tight on space, why not string them along your doorways or even your staircase? It’s the perfect, subtle way of displaying your appreciation while decorating your home at the same time.

Create a Mini Forest

Looking for a really unique table display for the dinner table or coffee table? A cute décor idea is to gather some trimmings of spruce or cedar, or whatever greens you have available around your neighbourhood (you can even snip some off of your Christmas tree). Grab some floral foam from your local craft store and cut it to fit inside a few eggcups. Then place and arrange your tree trimmings into the cups. Add the mini tree displays onto a platter with some twinkly lights tossed about them, and voila!

Embrace the beauty of the season by getting creative in your Ottawa townhome this year with these simple, crafty ideas.

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