Your Guide to Urban Chic Décor

Your Guide to Urban Chic Décor

You’ve purchased your new build Theberge home and are anxiously awaiting the moment when you can move in and start living your life in style. Take some time before you move in to decide how you can add some personal touches and create your own chic urban setting! Here are four tips on how you can make the dream a reality.

Grand Entrance

Put some effort into making the entrance to your home feel as spectacular as possible. This is the first impression of your home, so make it a good one. Provide a space for guests to easily hang their coats up, but do not keep it cluttered. Store your own coats in a separate closet away from the front entrance so as not to clutter the visual of your grand entranceway. Do a colour splash and carry the theme throughout the main floor for continuity. Be adventurous with the entrance carpet colour and design as these carpets tend to be smaller in size so it won’t be overpowering if it’s a big louder.


If space allows, have an ottoman at the end of your bed. This provides a great practical seat for various routine morning rituals and also can provide an excellent splash of colour. It is also a nice touch to place decorative trays on the ottoman to store books or decorative pieces. Have it be a show space for your bedroom. It’s best to keep the bedroom as clutter free as possible so try not to have an excess amount of bulky furniture. For a more chic look, try to go with basic tones for the bedding and bed frame while using fun accent colours in your decor.


Have an accent wall. It’s not out of the question to use wallpaper, although it does seem to be used less and less. Choose one wall in your kitchen that you want to stand out and make a statement. Tie in colours from your living space and front entrance way and choose a pattern that incorporates your style. It will be the star of the kitchen and add that extra bit of flair that every new home needs.

Living Room

Get funky with your furniture choices. Explore how having different tones and colours in your furniture can really bring a room to life. Think about how to maximize the space you have and how many seats you normally would want available. It’s a very nice look to have some arm chairs in addition to an inviting couch. Be adventurous and surprise yourself with how upscale and chic your urban living space can be.

Whether you live in a new Ottawa condo, townhome, terrace home, or custom home, urban chic décor can really set you apart from convention.

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