Budget Friendly Modern Decor Tips

Budget-Friendly Modern Décor Tips

You wake up one day and suddenly it feels as though you’ve grown a new set of eyes. You take a look around your condo or town home and wonder what you thinking! Sounds like it’s time for a décor facelift. Don’t have the money for a huge budget? No problem. Adding some new flair to your design doesn’t have to cost a fortune, as long as you do it right. So here are a few handy budget-friendly tips for spicing up your condo in Ottawa with some modern décor.

Lighting fixtures

Take a look around your home, and pay particular attention to your light fixtures. What’s your impression? Because believe it or not, lighting can make or break any design. One false move and it can throw your interior back into the 1970s.

Pot lights, bold chandeliers, light rails – these are the ones to go for. Even if you just focus on upgrading your light fixtures, you will be surprised at just how much they can change the vibe of your entire space and bring it back into the modern era.


Lighting aside, curtains also play a huge factor in the overall design of a room. If you can’t remember the last time you upgraded your curtains, it might be time. This is also a design feature that can really hinder your space. Modern design is all about open, bright spaces. So if your drapes or curtains are overbearing, have more frills than you can count, or block a large portion of light from your windows, it’s time for a change.

Entertainment Unit

If you own an entertainment unit that is clunky, messy and takes up about half of your living space, this could be your problem area to focus on. Large, clunky units scream the 90s – especially if it’s unorganized and messy. But these days, you can find sleek units to hide all of those accessories and gadgets, while attaching your flat screen to a wall to free up some of that space. There’s nothing worse that having an area that looks congested and clunky.


When is the last time you changed or simply steam-cleaned your rugs? Considering they’re often a focal point of a room that are generally located in high traffic areas, it’s important to get out a steam-cleaning vacuum every so often to ensure they don’t look as old as they really are. If it’s reached a point where the steam clean isn’t cutting it, replacing them with a contemporary design can work wonders for updating your interior.

So don’t waste time or money on expensive renos or décor upgrades. Take a good look at your interior and decide which core areas need an upgrade the most. Chances are one of these four areas could be all you need to make that change.

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